The Case Against Melamine in Dinnerware

At DecoPlate, we're biased.  We believe that our ThermoSāf® resin is the safest material in the world for reusable plastic dinnerware.  We also believe that the plastic used as the market standard for over 50 years - melamine - has numerous issues related to safety - particularly child safety.

But don’t take our word for it…

Here are the links to articles, papers and studies which support the case against using melamine in your kitchen:

         World Health Organization: Q&A on Melamine

             CBS News - Melamine, Is It Safe?

LabDoor - Melamine:  The Toxic Chemical in our Kitchen

Food Packaging Forum


Natural News - Melamine:  Risk of Kidney Stones

Dr. Oz – Kitchen Cleanout

The Neighborhood Toxicologist

Melamine vs. DecoPlate ThermoSāf - The Video