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About Us and Our Products

ThermoSāf ® Polymer was developed in 1987 by a leading U.S. plastics manufacturer for the airline industry to allow the microwave heating of single-serving trays of food for customers flying long-distance flights. As airline profit margins began to decrease and competition increased, the practice of serving hot meals to travelers in Coach became a fond memory. Demand for microwave-safe airline dinnerware dwindled and a market for plain-white plastic dinnerware for home use didn't exist.


In 2012 the company that developed ThermoSāf ® Polymer was purchased and, under the new management, decided to revisit old projects. Meanwhile, new printing techniques had been developed and were being implemented in the U.S. for transferring digital images onto a number of plastic surfaces. As fate would have it, the plastics manufacturer reached out to our company because of our expertise in the field of digital imaging. After some initial research and development, (and plenty of coffee and late nights) we successfully produced samples with stunning, digitally produced color.


Over the next two years - and dozens of test formulations of ThermoSāf ® later, DecoPlate perfected the technique for applying virtually any digital image onto contoured dinnerware. Our process involves permanently imbedding water-based dyes into the surface, creating beautiful and vibrant dinnerware that is 100% manufactured in the USA .


Today,  DecoPlate is the only company in the world offering dishwasher, microwave and oven safe decorated plastic dinnerware that is free of Formaldehyde, BPAs and DEHPs- in addition to being FDA and NSF approved for food contact.